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Compatibility or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying about Commutativity

Commutativity in quantum mechanics is historically identified with the possibility of two (or more) measurements originating from a single setup; it is a sufficient and necessary condition for compatibility of observables (represented by self-adjoint operators). The development of the theory, however, led to the mathematical framework … Continue reading

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Incompatibility is more fragile than entanglement

Yes, that’s in a nutshell the conclusion that we have found in the three recent studies arXiv:1504.05768, arXiv:1505.00833 and arXiv:1508.04612. But wait, does it even make sense to compare a property of collections of measurements to a property of states of … Continue reading

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Scientific Intuition or How to Imagine 4th Dimension

I have been approached over the years by many people asking me questions like “How do you imagine X?” I always tried my best to explain to them that some things just cannot be imagined, that you have to accept them as they … Continue reading

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No-cloning theorem as an instance of quantum incompatibility

In my first blog post, I will continue where Daniel ended his. Namely, I will give a more detailed explanation of what quantum incompatibility can mean. But this will still be just an example. Suppose a quantum channel AB takes … Continue reading

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Warm welcome

Motivated by other blogs presenting scientific knowledge from different areas, we have decided to start our own blog on incompatibility. Specifically, we would like to dwell especially in the world of quantum incompatibility, which is something we like and something … Continue reading

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